Erkan Munishi
Digital Nomad Expo Founder and Host | Founder of DNA USA | Growth Hacker
Erkan is the founder of many successful businesses, initiatives, and events. He worked closely with ministers of several countries on building digital nomad visas, creating digital nomad communities, and changing the way tourism is perceived by governments and hosting countries in general. His ultimate goal is for digital nomads not to be seen as tourists but as integrated temporary residents in every country they stay in. He founded the Digital Nomad Association USA to bring together American remote workers who can help each other grow and experience unique adventures together, share their stories and spend more quality time with the community. Additionally, within the Digital Nomad Association USA, Erkan together with other digital nomads is hosting workshops for people who are interested in gaining skills in order to find a remote job and help them network with other remote workers to achieve their goals and travel the world. At the Digital Nomad Expo, Erkan is aiming to be as useful as possible to the community and the world by bringing the countries, cities, remote workers, locals, businesses, startups, and anyone who really cares about people’s freedom and wellbeing through digital nomad lifestyle.
Shannon Morales
CEO of Tribaja

Shannon Morales is a proud Afro Latina, mother of 3 daughters, and social entrepreneur. She started her first company, Tribaja, after experiencing unconscious bias in the workplace. Tribajas double-sided marketplace connects pre-vetted diverse talent with inclusive tech companies.
By combining “tribe” and trabaja, the Spanish word for “work,” Tribaja is a name that reflects the business’ shift into a “community” of people with an interest in tech & startup careers, including an active Slack group. Shannon realized that other recruiting platforms are built exclusively upon acquiring clients. Instead, she focused on Tribaja’s ability to develop & upskill the community before all else.
Shannon has successfully scaled Tribaja to a global tech talent network that propels the growth of companies such as Lyft, Microsoft, Comcast, and many more. Her most notable accomplishments to date include being named Hispanic Business of the Year in Philadelphia, making Forbes Next 1000 small businesses list, and expanding to her second sales office in Richmond.
Uptin Saiidi
Journalist & Content Creator

Uptin is a journalist and coach based between Dubai and Los Angeles. Today, he makes videos for YouTube, Facebook, TikTok and Instagram about Tech, Money & Cultures to his combined audience of 1.3 million followers. He’s reported for MTV News in New York and CNBC International across the U.S, Europe and Asia, primarily covering business, tech, and more. He’s lived and worked in New York, Singapore and Hong Kong, - Coaching clients including C-Suite Executives and startups including for Agoda, Draper Startup House, The Great Room, Bud Communications, Engage3, and more. - Reported for MTV News and CNBC across live television and digital platforms. - Uptin has interviewed hundreds of executives and experts across various platforms, including television, CNBC.com and for digital videos. - Hosted and produced videos amassing more than 100 Million views across YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram & more. - Hosted three half-hour documentary specials which aired globally on CNBC and played in-flight entertainment on United Airlines, American Airlines, Emirates, Qatar, Lufthansa, and Cathay Pacific. - Interviewed Serena Williams, Gary Vaynerchuk, Bill Nye, Piyush Gupta (DBS CEO), Wang Xiang (Xiaomi President/Acting CFO), Craig Smith (Marriott International Asia CEO), Taavi Roivas (Estonia's Former Prime Minister), Jason Calacanis (Angel Investor), Changpeng Zhao (Binance CEO).
Danielle Farage
Gen Z Work Futurist / Community Builder / Director of Growth & Marketing @Café (YC)
Danielle Farage is a Gen Z Work Futurist, elevating consciousness at the intersection of identity, culture and work. After Content Marketing & Building Community for several startups in the HR Technology Industry, at 23, she became the Head of Marketing at a Y Combinator-backed startup. Danielle also serves as the Co-Organizer for the Future of Work Community on Upstream. "As an older member of Gen Z, I believe that the voice of my generation needs to be included as we "Reimagine Work." It is this belief that inspires Danielle to continue creating content (amassing 1M+ views), speaking (80+ panels, podcasts, and conferences) and building communities (of 5000+ members), that help bridge the gap between leaders & talent to create more inclusive, equitable and dynamic cultures.
Jan de Jong
Co-founder Webpower Adria | CROP | DNA Croatia
Jan de Jong moved from the Netherlands to Croatia in 2006 at age 22, where he founded his first business, M+ Group. Today, M+ Group has a listing on the Zagreb Stock Exchange, employs over 10.000 FTE and is among the largest employers in the region In 2016, Jan made a successful exit from M+ Group, after which he founded Webpower Adria. Today, Webpower Adria is the leading Email Service Provider in the region. Webpower Adria is proud to be among the first companies in Croatia to introduce a 4-day work week. In 2020, Jan became known as the person who initiated the introduction of a “Digital Nomad Visa” in Croatia when he wrote an open letter to Prime Minister Plenković on LinkedIn, asking him for his kind consideration to introduce such visa in Croatia. On January 1st, 2021 – Croatia officially became the 2nd country in Europe and the 7th country in the world to welcome digital nomads, having changed both the Alien Act and the Tax law. In 2020, Jan also co-founded the company “Crop” through which Jan aims to bring the Dutch high-tech agriculture technology to Croatia with the goal to make Croatia less dependent on importing food and ultimately to help turn Croatia into a food-exporting nation again, like it once was. Jan is 37 years old, married and a father of 4 children. Jan is a strong believer that positive change in Croatia will not come from politics but will come from its entrepreneurs – and he is a proud member of that exciting community.
Ali Pruitt
Remote Work Productivity Consultant

Ali Pruitt is a Remote Work Productivity Coach tackling the #1 struggle keeping remote workers from fully enjoying the freedom and flexibility of remote work…unplugging from work. Since 2017 Ali has been traveling and working remotely, employed and self-employed, while also recovering from burnout. She understands the unique challenges that come with remote work. From managing your time, your freedom and yourself to creating healthy boundaries to avoid burnout, Ali has techniques and mindset coaching that has already helped hundreds of remote workers all over the world to unplug feeling accomplished and enjoying their fully remote lifestyle.
Miguel Ángel Perez Alba
Brands & Markets Director, Visit Valencia
Since May of 2008, Miguel Ángel Perez Alba has worked with Visit Valencia—a non-profit organization promoting the city of Valencia as a prime destination in Spain and Europe. Perez initially joined the team as a Promotion Executive and Area Manager, where his responsibilities included assisting the city’s aviation industry and connectivity as well as leading promotional initiatives that targeted Eastern Europe, Asia, and Oceania. Perez’s successful endeavors allowed him to become the Sales Promotion Director as of February 2016. During his time at Visit Valencia, he has achieved Valencia city to be one of the most growing middle-sized European urban destinations.
At this moment, Mr. Pérez leads a team of 14 market and product managers, including responsibilities for the Convention Bureau, Gastronomy, Culture & Leisure, Sports, Shopping, Film Office, or Medical Destination.
Before joining Visit Valencia, Perez worked with multiple agencies in international marketing and sales, selling different products such as furniture, tiles, gourmet food, wine, and more. During the last 13 years of his life, he has made it his professional goal to promote and “sell” his home city, Valencia. Perez completed his undergraduate education at the University of Valencia with a degree in Marketing and Business Administration in 1999. Perez specializes in new brands and products, opening new markets, boosting media and public relations, and leading and managing sales teams.
Kamya Buch
Social Media Influencer | Spiritual Educator | Digital Nomad
Kamya Buch is a full-time digital nomad and social media influencer. She completed her master's in Economics from the University of Warwick in 2015 after which she embarked on a soul-seeking journey across the world, connecting with her own and global indigenous traditions and furthering her inner spiritual journey through a wide variety of experiences. She has been an online economics tutor as well as a content creator and community builder; facilitating transformational experiences for those that seek them and assisting people to develop a life around their freedom and purpose. She takes a keen interest in natural healing, Vedic Hindu traditions, entheogenic plant medicines, environmentalism, and decolonization.
Edis Gashi
Network Engineer at AT&T
Edis is Network Engineer at AT&T, focusing on Labs, Research and Innovation Centers.
He is fueled by his two passions: travel and technology. He believes remote work is the bridge of his passions.
Working as a Network Engineer offered him the perk of being anywhere in the world while efficiently adding value to his team. Edis’s goal is to share his knowledge and experience of his working remote journey. He will discuss the pros and cons of it as well as share more about why he loves what he does.
Entrepreneur I Slowmad I Humanitarian
Katia is a former senior executive, specialised in strategic marketing and one of many millennials quitting their glorious corporate careers in search of creating a better, more human-oriented and fair business environment.
She lived in 8 countries for longer than a year, visited more than 50 and speaks 5+ languages. Adopting the digital nomad life back in 2013 while running her company at the time - one of the very first fully remote international FMCG design consultancies, Katia was also leading and actively participating in large-scale humanitarian projects related to refugees and asylum seekers.
In 2021 after years of restoration and trying out different business models, Katia launched Chateau Coliving & Coworking in France - a very personal project, combining her passions for ethical business, travel, remote work, history, nature and interesting people. Chateau Coliving is a 12th century castle in Normandy turned into a vibrant home for remote workers and digital nomads from around the world. A place to be productive, to enjoy, to get inspired and to be yourself. Its purpose is to facilitate a unique ecosystem for both digital nomads and locals in the exceptional setting of a centuries old property - a business concept and personal mission to break the cliches and misconceptions about nobility, remote work and nomadism.
Eva Camins
B2C Operational Marketing

Living and working in the city or in the heart of the countryside in the region surrounding Barcelona is a privilege. You can enjoy the Mediterranean lifestyle, wonderful food, architecture, shops, culture, traditional festivals, nature parks, green spaces and 100 km of coast while you explore their many delights on foot or by bike.
Barcelona Workation gives you the opportunity to work and live like a local, in the city or in the heart of the countryside, with specially prepared accommodation picks and a great choice of special deals on cultural and leisure activities so you can fill in your free time. Turisme de Barcelona and the Barcelona Provincial Council offer you free, personalized assistance, advice and booking service.
Leila Kresic-Juric
Director North America, Croatian National Tourist Office
Travel & tourism enthusiast faithful to service excellence, inspired by sustainable growth, and passionate about connecting people, Leila is a corporate manager by profession and traveler by inner call, proficient in travel and tourism trends, business development, and event management. After graduating in Economics and pursuing executive education at Harvard and Cornell, she earned the GEMBA degree from Hult International Business School, and she also lived and worked in seven countries on three continents.
After a career in hospitality as Board Member at two major hotel companies in Croatia, Leila took the role of Director of Tourism Sector at the Croatian Chamber of Economy and became Expert Member of the Croatian Parliament's Tourism Committee. At the same time, she was intensely engaged in advocacy as Board Member and partner to European tourism associations ESPA, EHTTA and ECTAA.
For several years she led one of the leading European health tourism brands HTI Conference and set up the European HTI Summit in the European Parliament thus promoting Europe as a health tourism destination, and in 2022 she took over the New York office of the Croatian National Tourist Board to promote Croatia as a Mediterranean lifestyle destination full of amazing experiences across all seas.
Rowena Hennigan
RoRemote | LinkedIn Top Voice | Digital Nomad LI course| Keynote speaker
Rowena Hennigan is an expert in remote work and digital nomadism. A speaker, professor and a globally acclaimed expert in the digital nomadism area, she has recently launched a successful LinkedIn Learning course on “Becoming a Digital Nomad”.
#Workisnotaplace - this is Rowena’s motto and her trending hashtag. Originally from Galway, Ireland, she is now based in Zaragoza, mixing work and travel with her location-independent family. Rowena advocates for work-life balance, advised by her lived experience of moving countries due to her daughter's ill health. Using her wealth of personal experience in the remote work and digital nomadism area to educate both companies and workers on skills for an effective and positive nomadic experience, she delivers consultancy and training via her brand “RoRemote”. She was named in the Top 10 Global Voices in Remote Work by LinkedIn News in 2022, and in the Top 25 list of Remote Work influencers by Remote in 2021 and 2022. Rowena is also an engaging keynote speaker both in live and virtual events: always using real-life experiences and practical exercises, her sessions are interactive, enticing and dynamic.
Ravinder Dharmapuram
Founder and CEO, Nurall Inc

Ravinder Dharmapuram is an Entrepreneur, Startup Founder, and experienced leader who is passionate about building customer-facing products and solutions. He has extensive experience spanning over 15 years and building solutions that support tens of thousands of transactions per second and generates over a billion dollars in annual revenue. His prior experience includes working as a Senior Manager at Amazon Prime, Director at IAC, leading multinational teams, and delivering global solutions. He is super passionate about solving problems and innovating on behalf of customers.
This passion led him to start Nurall, a remote-only tech startup, in 2021 as a single-stop destination for knowledge workers to “Work Remotely and Travel the World.” Having experienced the power of remote work and travel, the team at Nurall builds simple solutions for customers to get started on their digital nomad and workation journeys. With Nurall.co, the team is also showcasing emerging remote work destinations in India and South East Asia and working with digital nomad experts to share advice. Ravi is also passionate about asynchronous work and remote first team processes and loves traveling to new places with his family and 5-year-old daughter.
Lona Alia
Head of Revenue at SafetyWing | Founder @StyleLend | Advisor at EU for Innovation | Remote Health Insurance
Venture Backed Y combinator founder. Head of Revenue @SafetyWing. Advisor to Startups and EU for Innovation. Remote Work Advocate. Expert at building revenue channels & fully remote teams from Zero to One. Digital Nomad who has worked and traveled to 80+ countries. Building the first country on the internet @Plumia
Daniel Goebel
Founder of CocoHub

Founder of CoCoHub, the world's first decentralized community for digital nomads with over 10.000 members. Introduced the Nomad Visa to Malta. Now venturing into the first Decentralised Network State for Digital Nomads.
German Software Developer. Raised in Germany, brainwashed in India, fell in love with Malta.
Loic Moncany
Co-Founder of Flowr Agency

Loic Moncany, Serial entrepreneur, front-end swiss army-knife. I'm passionate about new technologies and meeting like-minded people. I’m good at mediation, branding, creating companies' visions.
Anna Maria Kochanska
Digital Nomad Ambassador | Remote Work Consultant | Cross-Cultural Expert | Multilingual Keynote Speaker
Originally from Poland. I started working remotely long before Covid happened and was the first person in my company back then to do that.
Full time Nomad since 2017(+40 countries), Digital Nomad Ambassador. Multilingual Keynote Speaker.
I work as a Business Developer and IT Project Manager helping pharma clients with digital transformation. I am also a self taught Polyglot (+7) and consult on remote and cross-cultural skills.
I promote digital nomadism and talk about the impact remote work has on local populations.
As well advice destinations and organizations on how to attract location independent professionals and boost emerging nomad destinations. Was featured in various international media in Croatia, Cape Verde, Slovenia, Spain etc.
Devon Bleibtrey
Co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Fetch.ai
Devon Bleibtrey - Co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Fetch.ai focused on organizing reality to make it accessible for digital twins to search, discover, and solve problems that help their real world selves automate their life for success, however they measure it. Has spent the last decade helping mobility providers engage with customers and create new value streams through digitization of their devices and the surrounding ecosystem. Devon is a digital nomad himself and understanding the nomad lifestyle he's working on building an ecosystem that enables nomads to focus on things that matter to them by saving their time and enabling them to increase efficiency while moving to a new city.
Abbey Marino
Director of Programs at36°N

Abbey Marino serves as the Director of Programs and Partnerships for 36°N, Tulsa, Oklahoma's hub for entrepreneurs, innovators, and remote workers. She is a director and builder of programs that incubate entrepreneurial ventures and develop leaders. Abbey has built and managed 6 statewide and international entrepreneurship programs including the 36°N Incubator Program, has led 30+ high-growth consulting projects in tech and social entrepreneurship, and has trained 500+ community members in topics like human-centered design and executive communication.
Murray Clark
Co-founder, Director and CEO at Neighbourgood
Spanning his 15-year career, he has founded multiple companies across the construction (Sabi Construction), property development (Proproyale Developments and Neighbourgood) and private equity sector (Chicken Xpress & Big Box).
At 27 years old, he gained experience as an Asset Manager for Emira Property Fund. During his tenure, he managed the fund's R600m rural retail portfolio which consistently generated double digit income growth.
He has developed over 40 buildings across South Africa with a combined project value in excess of R1.5B.
In 2019, he was awarded the SACSC Award for Young Entrepreneur of the Year.
He is driven by a passion to shape the built environment creating spaces that offer a better and more sustainable reflection of the future. Spaces which foster community, collaboration and connection between people.
Jonathan Kazarian
Founder & CEO at Accelevents

Magnus Pauli West
Tourist manager at Vágur Municipality, Faroe Islands
Magnus is the manager at the tourist center located in Vágur, Faroe Islands. Working with locals and businesses to intrigue visitors, who want to experience the breathtakingly beautiful nature, the authenticity and the vast array of opportunities that Vágur, the island Suðuroy and the Faroe Islands offer. The collaboration with locals and businesses aims to nourish new development opportunities.
The municipality of Vágur has for several years approached development in a think-differently approach looking at new and different ways to maintain and develop the city. Digital nomads are one of these endeavours. Vágur offers the first and only coworking space in the Faroe Islands. Still in the early stages, Vágur wants digital nomads to come and make their mark on the coworking space and the local community.
Justin Harlan
Managing Director at Tulsa Remote

Justin came to Tulsa Remote from Reading Partners where he was a Senior Executive Director. He managed a team of 100 staff members and nearly 2,000 volunteers, all working to serve more than 1,700 students across 28 reading centers. During a critical leadership transition, he also served as the Interim Chief Regional Operations Officer, where he managed operations for six regions across the country and served on the Executive Team.
He launched his career with Teach For America-Oklahoma when it opened in Tulsa in 2009 and quickly rose through the organization as it expanded across the state. In his various roles, Justin raised more than $7.5 million for Teach For America and secured funding from the State of Oklahoma. Justin also managed operations for the Teach For America Oklahoma City Institute, which trained more than 260 teachers, staffed more than 100 people, and provided free summer school to more than 2,000 students.
Shlomo Freund
Financial Coach for Remote Workers

Shlomo Freund is a financial coach and an entrepreneur for the past 17+ years.
His lifelong passions for finance, investing and travel led to the creation of his current business, Free Financial Self, which helps digital nomads organize their finances to reach financial freedom faster and control their future.
Shlomo’s coaching method is built on a roadmap he developed that creates a system to align lifestyle goals and finances. This system creates clarity & a sense of control in one’s mind.
By going through the roadmap his clients have a step by step plan to execute on and know what they need to do today to reach their ideal lifestyle and supporting it financially.
Shlomo appeared as a guest on 40 podcasts and gave talks in online and offline events to more than 10000 people. He produced a podcast for 3.5 years and contributed to a book breaking a world record.
He is location-independent along with his wife and 2 daughters since 2015.
Sally Bunnell
Founder & CEO of NaviSavi

Sally is a passionate traveler with 96 countries stamped on her passport. As she traveled the world, she found that her actual experiences were different from what she saw advertised, inspiring Sally to create NaviSavi. A platform that bridged the gap between wanderlust, browsing, recommendations and actual itinerary planning and booking with videos.
Formerly a Senior Vice President at a Record Label for over 15 years, and with +1Billion cumulative YouTube views on her directing and producing content, Sally has spent her career creating and marketing short-form video content for Millennials, Gen X and Z, and with influential artists, and brands around the world. Sally is one of the “2020 Young Industry Leaders in Travel” on Phocuswright’s annual Top 30 List, and a Travel & Adventure Show Expert Speaker for “Traveling The World Solo” and “How to Work from Anywhere.”
Nikos Diamantopoulos
Web & Digital Marketing Director @Marketing Greece
With more than 12 years in digital marketing and tourism, Nikos Diamantopoulos holds the position of Web & Digital Marketing Director at Marketing Greece. Nikos undertook the creation and launch of Discovergreece.com back in 2014 all the way towards its successful redesign in 2019. In charge of a series of projects and campaigns, Nikos and his team "run" Discovergreece.com and its ecosystem (website, social media, marketing campaigns, e-commerce) on a daily basis. Over the last year, he has taken the lead in Marketing Greece’s initiative for Digital Nomads, Work From Greece.
Natasha Ibrahim
Travel | Mindset | Lifestyle | Founder at Prana One LLC
Travel has always been a fundamental part of my life. Growing up as a third culture kid across the world instilled a nomadic lifestyle in me. From a young age I knew I wanted to work remotely and share my unique insights on travel and cross-cultural relations. My educational background in international relations and business serve as my foundation to life as a digital nomad. Over the years I’ve worked remotely in different capacities, as an employee for Fortune 500 companies, as a freelancer, entrepreneur, content creator and more.
Stefano Palumbo
Teacher - Trainer | Solopreneur | Consultant - Coach | Digital Nomad
Assisting nomads in finding a place to call home. Some people find happiness at home. For others, it's success in business, love, or peace. Many people have yet to discover it. From the time I took my first solo flight at age 7, I've been looking for home. I felt like I belonged somewhere. I wanted to find a beautiful place to call home.
In search of my ideal location, I looked in the Caribbean and South America. For ways to generate money, I sought in the US and Australia; for culture and adventure, I looked in Asia and Europe. I looked for it while starting enterprises, earning a master's degree, and training countless students.
After moving to my ninth country, I finally understood that it wasn't even remotely out there. All the time, I was carrying it everywhere. Home wasn't something, someone, or someplace out there. It was inside of me and how I present myself to others, to my family, to my job, and to myself.
I dedicate my travel, language, business, and teaching expertise to helping motivated entrepreneurs and digital nomads who are based overseas find a place to call home.
Ben Marks
CEO of WorkAnywhere | Campaigner | Impact Entrepreneur | Writer
Ben Marks is a Campaigner, Impact Entrepreneur and Writer, originally from London, England. He is Co-Founder & CEO of the #WorkAnywhere Campaign, a human rights movement for the global remote workforce.
#WorkAnywhere is currently focused on remote work policy development in the European Union. Ben has hosted policy sessions with the United Nations, the European Parliament, the European Commission, Microsoft, Zoom, WeWork, Remote, Selina and others. #WorkAnywhere’s groundbreaking research, ‘Social Connection in Remote Work’, launched in June 2022. Prior to this campaign, Ben served as the Global Head of Innovation at CNN.
Ben is a passionate advocate and speaker. He has also written for a number of media publications including TNW and Euronews. His lived experience of mental ill health fuels his desire to bring about a more healthy and inclusive future of work.
Charles Mizzi
Chief Executive Officer Residency Malta Agency
Mr. Mizzi began his career in the banking sector and worked with a number of local banks, occupying several roles in marketing and business development. In October 2014, he became Executive Director Media and Marketing of the Maltese Presidency for the European Council. In 2017, he joined the Individual Investor Programme Agency as Chief Officer for Communications and Business Development, garnering important experience in the sector. Charles Mizzi graduated with a Masters in Business Administration from the Henley Business School.
Nienke Nina Keizer
Digital Nomad Ambassador | Founder of Digital Nomads Daily | Podcast Host | Author
Nienke Nina is an experienced digital nomad and traveling the world and worked remotely for over 4 years. She started her journey by living abroad and has been a digital nomad freelancer, a remote worker in several companies, and is today a multi-passionate entrepreneur.
Nienke Nina is the founder of Digital Nomads Daily, the number one platform for digital nomads covering insights about traveling and remote working. It covers practical insights and life advice shared by experienced digital nomads from finding a house to landing a job and everything digital nomads face in their daily lives.
She is the author of her book Digital Nomads With Confidence and interviews dozens of digital nomads and entrepreneurs to talk about how to plan, build and sustain a successful digital nomad lifestyle on The Digital Nomads Daily Podcast.
It's Nienke Nina’s mission to support digital nomads to live a lifestyle that brings happiness into all elements of life and helps organizations build productive and healthy remote teams
Andrew Jernigan
Co- Founder & CEO of Insured Nomads

Andrew is passionate about protecting people from all ends of the earth. He has extensive experience in the healthcare, insurance, and finance industries and, as an early adopter of the expatriate/nomadic life, has volunteered, traveled and lived on several continents. He recognized that insurance had to evolve to provide relevant, trustworthy, and easy-to-use services world travelers and remote workers needed. In response, with three other innovators, he founded Insured Nomads, a fully remote, culture-conscious company that breaks insurance barriers so all citizens can all freely explore the world with increased wellbeing and peace of mind. In addition to serving as CEO, Andrew is also a Strategic Advisor for Mobility Empowered, a Fellow at ODS3, and co-host of the popular podcast, The New Nomad
Antonio Sánchez
Marketing Executive & Content Creator at @VisitBenidorm
Passionate about travel, tourism, people, and Benilover. I have the pleasure of working in the tourist promotion of the city of Benidorm, a tourist destination of reference at a national and international level in which thousands of people find happiness year after year. In charge of putting Benidorm on the digital nomad scene, with the management and implementation of strategies to attract talent, digital nomads, and remote workers to the city.
Torbjørn C. Pedersen
Modern Viking | Motivational speaker | Extreme traveler
As an explorer and modern day adventurer, Thor is the first in history to visit 195 countries in an unbroken journey completely without flying, aiming to become the first to reach them all by land and sea only. He ventures the world full time and has not been home to Denmark since 2013. Thor enlightens his audience as a social media influencer, travel blogger and Red Cross Ambassador.
Thor was born in Denmark of Scandinavian parents and soon after found himself growing up in North America before returning to Denmark years later. In Denmark he finished his school and military service before finding his feet within shipping and logistics in the private sector. By the end of 2009 he became an independent businessman and after years of working internationally as a logistics professional he embarked on a multi-year journey to make history and set several records by visiting every country without flying.
Lorraine Charles
Co-founder and Executive Director of Na’amal
Lorraine Charles is a social entrepreneur and a researcher. She is the Co-founder and Executive Director of Na'amal, which links forcibly displaced people with remote work opportunities. She is a Research Associate for the Centre for Business Research, University of Cambridge. She is also a member of the MIT ReACT Advisory Committee and the International Rescue Committee (IRC) Technical Advisory Committee for ReBuild, their East Africa livelihood programme.
Nini Fritz
Remote Team Building

Nini Fritz is a team-building coach for remote teams and the creator of the conversation-sparking card game “iConnect - stronger than wifi”. As a lover of freedom to work from wherever she opens her laptop and a seeker for genuine human connections, she simply created her own job to make sure one doesn’t have to exclude the other. That’s why she made her passion her purpose by hosting virtual team-building workshops for remote teams around the world and helping them to create a positive corporate culture across borders. Living the coconut slurping remote life from the beaches of Bali (...or wherever she opens her laptop), she helps teams at HubSpot, eBay, Dell, and Facebook (Meta) to connect stronger than wifi.
Tarek Kholoussy
Founder of Nomads Giving Back! & Nomads Skillshare!
Tarek is a social entrepreneur with an MBA with honors from New York University and a career of working at top organizations like Goldman Sachs. In 2013, Tarek left the corporate world behind in an effort to explore the actual world. After traveling to over 100 countries, running 25 marathons and supporting social causes; in 2018, Tarek launched Nomads Giving Back! with the vision to inspire you to give back to the communities you call home away from home. In 2020, Tarek and his team launched Nomads Skillshare! a learning platform & community empowering you to learn the skills to live the life you imagined!
Steve Tsentserensky
Digital Nomad | Content Creator | Marketing Person | (Brand) Storyteller
Steve Tsentserensky is a writer, video producer and photographer who’s created content for brands big and small with his production company SBT Productions and as a freelance copywriter. He’s produced content for contestants on The Voice, adventure tourism companies, exchange-listed firms as well as prominent outlets like CNBC and more while traveling.
Between solo travel, his past life as a multimedia producer for cruise lines and his current full-time location-independent work he’s been on the move nearly constantly since 2014, traveling to 65+ countries. He now lives in Croatia where he was among the first to receive their digital nomad permit and has become a passionate advocate for the digital nomad lifestyle.
Dean Nimrod Kuchel
Ambassador to the digital nomad lifestyle
An ambassador to the digital nomad lifestyle, and a remote work advocate. Working remotely since 2014, he has traveled to more than 100 countries since.
Founder of Digital Nomads Israel, a community starter & leader, investor, and a public speaker - helping individuals, businesses, and governments to adopt and adapt to the future of work. He inspires people to live their best life through remote work, world travel and financial independence. Believes the digital nomad movement together with the future of work, will change the way we live - for the better.
Provide more opportunities to more people, and get countries, people & communities closer together.
He dedicates his energy towards this mission.
Gonçalo Hall
CEO at NomadX

Gonçalo Hall is the CEO at NomadX, one of the biggest nomad communities in the world with physical communities in Madeira, Caoi Verde and Lisbon. Also he launched projects like the Remote Work Movement, Future of Work Conferences, Remote Portugal and Remote Europe in order to help the movement grow and spread. The Digital Nomad Village is Gonçalo’s popular project, being developed in Ponta do Sol, Madeira island, where he is building a community of digital nomads focused on positive local impact and deep human connections. The project was featured in CNN, Washington Post, Lonely Planet, Irish Times and many other international publications. He started working with the Cabo Verde government to replicate the project and attract thousands of remote workers and entrepreneurs to the beautiful islands of Africa, helping digitalizing and educating the local population to work remotely from Cabo Verde to any company around the world. He is also the host of the Remote Movement Podcast where he interviews people making a ruckus in the remote world.
Francis Nayan
Owner of Stories & Copy

Francis Nayan is the owner of the email marketing consultancy Stories & Copy. He also runs The Nomad Newsletter, an email publication where he shares nomad businesses that help travelers, remote workers, and location independent business owners live better and earn more money.
Sarah Hawley
CEO and Founder of Growmotely

Sarah Hawley is the CEO and Founder of Growmotely, the world's first end-to-end platform that facilitates conscious companies in hiring equally-conscious remote professionals - of all nationalities - into long-term remote jobs. Driven by her passion for the freedom that remote work provides professionals and companies alike, she is trailblazing the space - as a thought leader and creator - where remote work, conscious leadership, and personal and professional growth intersect. Shoestring recognized her as one of the Top Female Entrepreneurs under 40; before Growmotely, she started and successfully sold multiple companies for seven-figure sums. Mother to 1-year-old Luka, and author of the book 'Conscious Leadership: a Journey from Ego to Heart', Sarah is revolutionizing the world of work.
Sophie Kessner
CEO of The Sacred CEO

Sophie is a first-generation Mexican-American digital entrepreneur who's been in the online space since 2015. With a knack for systems, you can find Soph at the intersection of Trauma work, DEI work, and all things business automation. Soph's main goal is to support POC in cultivating more ethical and equitable ways to sustainably scale their businesses online that allow their mental health to flourish.
As a new mom to a now toddler, Soph knows firsthand the challenges that can come with parenting and entrepreneurship and more importantly, the huge role mental health can have on our ability to show up for ourselves and our businesses.
The goal of Soph's Company, The Sacred CEO™, is to guide entrepreneurs in recognizing the power of automation and systems when properly and intentionally put in place and how they can be of massive service in giving us the S P A C E to take care of our own mental health while also creating a massive impact.
Paul Bradbury
Owner and Editor of Total Croatia News.

Born in the rain in Manchester, but swapped it for life on Europe’s sunniest island of Hvar, via Somaliland. Failed entrepreneur (but he keeps on trying…), looking to effect positive change by highlighting positivity as well as constructive criticism, with particular emphasis on digital nomads, entrepreneurship, medical tourism, and sensible tourism strategies. Paul runs Total Croatia News (www.total-croatia-news.com), the largest English-language news portal for Croatia, as well as CROMADS (www.cromads.com), bringing Croatia's authentic experiences to digital nomads, all over the country, 365 days a year.
Apostolos Leousis
Community Marketer | Networker | Early Startup Stage Advisor | Vlogcast Host
Apostolos Leousis is a challenger, curious about all new ideas with an incredible passion for networking and discovering new unique individuals.He specializes in business networking, community marketing, event management, early stage startups and live streaming talk shows. With a degree in Media and Marketing from Leicester University and three Masters degrees.In addition, he holds 3 Master Degrees: ➀ In Business Administration from the University of Birmingham (England) ➁ In European and Regional Development from the University of Thessaly (Greece) ➂ In European Entrepreneurship from the University of Milan-Italy (Supervision of Stanford University). He also holds one of the first certifications in entrepreneurship given in Europe from MIT and Cambridge. He has worked for major corporations such as Coca Cola and was part of one of the first entrepreneurship accelerators (Ekkinisi Lab) in Greece where he was responsible to coach various teams and a total amount of 40 startup ideas in the area of Thessaly.From 2013 until recently he has receive various awards in entrepreneurial competitions in Greece and abroad with different startup ideas (saleboxie, noodio fm, fashionboxie, evil genius etc). Apostolos is a leader of the local startup community and organizer of the first Fashion Startup Weekend Athens in April 2018 as well as Startup Weekend Volos in the last 7 years. He is also the founder of Entrepreneurship Feast Thessaly and other events in the region of Thessaly.
John Lee
Co-founder of the Work From Anywhere

John is the co-founder of the Work From Anywhere team, a global tax marketplace to help companies with remote workers make work from anywhere a reality. He is a Chartered Accountant who speaks 6 languages and previously co-founded CultureMee, an intercultural awareness platform which won “Best Travel Technology Product” at the Global Youth Travel Awards in 2018. Prior to CultureMee, he was the senior finance leader of a €4 billion division of CRH Plc, a FTSE-listed company. John and his family are passionate about travelling and his eldest daughter, Rosa, is only 5 years old but has already travelled to 24 different countries.
Erin Carey
Founder of Roam Generation

Erin Carey is the founder of Roam Generation, a travel, leisure & luxury PR agency focused on helping brands and experts inspire curiosity and exploration through traditional PR done in an untraditional way. Erin is the founder of the only PR agency in the world run from a yacht. Additionally, Erin’s company is 100% remote, staffed by digital nomads in different points of the globe. By raising brand awareness, elevating credibility, and generating leads for travel and lifestyle brands globally, Roam Generation aims to share the gift of travel and adventure with as many people as possible, because, for Erin and her team, travel has been life-changing.
Tanja Polegubic
Founder and CEO of Saltwater Nomads

Tanja Polegubic is the founder and CEO of Saltwater Nomads, a consultancy based in Split, Croatia which runs coworking spaces, projects and events welcoming hundreds of digital nomads in Croatia and the region since 2017. Saltwater - as a consultancy, helps cities and companies stand out to remote professionals by designing award-winning hallmark events and co-created programs which have global reach and long term sustainability goals. The work is mentioned in Fast Company, Skift, Total Croatia News, Travel Off Path, The Mayor EU and Cities Today among others. Originally from Canberra, Australia, Tanja’s career spans communications and creative businesses. Tanja is also the co-founder of the Digital Nomad Association (DNA) Croatia. Her current side project is renovating a stone house on the Dalmatian coast.
Chase Warrington
Head of Remote @ Doist

Chase Warrington is the Head of Remote at Doist, a pioneer of distributed work that specializes in productivity software. Doist created the award-winning task management app Todoist, and Twist, the first team messaging app designed for async work. Collectively, Doist supports 25 million people globally to stay organized and productive. Chase is responsible for developing and executing Doist’s remote work strategy, co-located events, and advocating for the future of work on behalf of the company. His work has led him to be recognized as a leader in the 2022 Remote Influencer Report and a 2022 LinkedIn Top Voice for Remote Work. He has worked remotely for over 12 years, as one of Doist’s 100 employees in 35 countries. He is a regular contributor, instructor, and consultant to many of the leading remote work organizations and publications, as well as the host of his own podcast,About Abroad. Chase is currently based in Spain and is fluent in English and conversational in Spanish. When not nerding out about remote work, he loves traveling in his campervan, spending time in the mountains, and taking his husky pup on a jog from time to time.